Lebrons Crown

The King’s foot soldiers

Lots of shoes coming out this summer, few are better than the Lebron XI series. Even the shoe laces come in different colors, from black on the Crown Jewel’s and Lifestyle edition, to red on the USA edition, and finally to blue on the super tight Sprite shoes (these are my favorites)!

You have a circular style of shoelace on the models Crown Jewel, Lifestyle and USA, the Sprite shoe has a more typical lace which is flat. As for the different styles of the shoes, the Crown Jewel shoe looks like a classic Air Jordan almost. It is black with metallic gold on the side, your typical high top, with the shoelaces holes going all the way up to about a half inch from the top of the shoe. I would make sure to lace them up the whole way for maximum support.

The USA shoe is not red, white and blue like you may think, but red, white and black instead. The top of the shoe is almost all black, aside from a red Nike swoosh in the middle. The sides of the shoe are white, the shoelaces extend up to about a half inch from the top of the high top, and these could be laced one hole short of the final hole. Now we get to my favorite of the July releases, the Low Sprite. It has a lemon-lime type swoosh on the exterior foot of the shoe (almost like a fluorescent green color), the rest of shoe is almost all blue, with a small white stripe going most of the way around the bottom. There are six holes for the shoelaces on these low tops, the loop holes end just at the top of the shoe.

These shoes aren’t meant for balling, they should be worn out in the streets or to the mall. The final July release is the Lifestyle. This shoe has mostly a pinkish red hue, with a strip of black running up the heel of the shoe. The tongue of the shoe is black with some small pinkish red stripes criss-crossing to the top, there is a pink diamond in the middle of the shoe which contains the Lebron logo. There are four holes for the shoe laces on the top of the foot, and then after a gap you have two more holes on the black strips which end about a half inch or so from the top of the shoe. Be sure to lace these kicks all the way up for best support.